Robert Tadros

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Philanthropist. Visionary.

Drawing on a global upbringing and powerful leadership experience, Robert Tadros challenges the idea of what’s possible in business.


Who is Robert?

Who is Robert Tadros?

Robert’s passion for entrepreneurial success is infectious. As a company director, his drive is undeniable. Able to balance strategic vision with tactical implementation, he’s a positive mentor to many business owners. Most importantly, he’s a great leader, dedicated to his people and his clients, and determined to always deliver positive results.

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Robert Tadros has quickly developed a profile in the entrepreneurial space, becoming a finalist and winning awards for his work with Impressive, as well as on other investments and projects.


Passionate about building the future of Australia’s digital sector, Robert Tadros is always looking for the next disruptive idea that he can nurture and grow into tomorrow’s success story. He has had the privilege of helping many Australian businesses take their place on the international stage, including:

The Fastest Growing Technology Company in Australia


A digital marketer, philanthropist, and investor based in Melbourne, Robert Tadros is best known for founding Impressive – the fastest growing technology company in Australia, as recognised by Deloitte.

Robert Tadros emigrated to Australia from Alexandria, Egypt with his family when he was 10. His first job was at 14 at orchard packing carrots – and he hasn’t stopped working since. Starting his own business when he was just 17, he imported health products from the USA before selling the company at the age of 19.

Establishing Impressive in 2016 with the goal of transforming the digital marketing industry through measurable and performance-driven strategies, he built a team of 60 employees in less than 4 years. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength and has expanded globally, opening its first US office based in Austin, Texas.

Propelled by his knowledge of – and passion for – the digital space and entrepreneurship, Robert Tadros has since founded both national and international companies, including content marketing and video production King Content and New Zealand agency Abstract Digital. He is also a partner at brand amplification agency CODI and an advisor on boards for a tech company and a winery.

Robert’s ability to build powerful businesses ultimately comes down to his authenticity as a leader. Adopting a methodology from his top inspiration Richard Branson, Robert focuses on people first, clients second and revenue third. This approach, alongside his expertise and charisma attracts talent across Australia and globally, creating a positive team culture and exceptional results in all his ventures.


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Join Robert as he has conversations with some of the masters in growth marketing on his fortnightly podcast, Growth Masters. Or read his articles and blogs covering the strategies, technology and tools needed to generate demand – and grow businesses.

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